Slide 1 _ WEB DESIGN_Customizing the Landing Page: Initial Design Concepts Slide 2 _ WEB DESIGN_CREATING THE GRAPHICS: Customizing the ZEHRGROUP WEBSITE, and its 3 Corporate Entities. ZEHR LEVESQUE INC: Construction / Project Management. ZEHR MANAGEMENT: Property / Asset Mangagement. COLLIERS INTERNATIONAL: Brokerage Services. (clockwise top left): Main Landing Page; Sample Secondary Page; Sample Banner Change. Slide 3 _ WEB DESIGN: CUSTOM LANDING PAGE: IRK The Game: The Game for Complainers and Other Fun People. Slide 4 _ WEB DESIGN: PRODUCT MARKETING: IRK The Game: The Game for Complainers and Other Fun People. (clockwise top left): Web Landing Page; Web Product Marketing Ad; Web Home Page Navigational Menu; Excerpt of CD Marketing Tool. Slide 5 _ WEBSITE: DK CANADA / STAR WARS WEB CONTEST / PROMOTION: Series of Vignette Posts to challenge visitors to the DK Canada Web page. (©& TM 2017 Lucasfilm Ltd) Slide 6_ WEB AD: DK CANADA: DK EYEWITNESS TRAVEL APP: Marketed on the Website. Posts maintain the unique branding of Eyewitness Travel Books. Slide 7_ WEB ADS: KRISKA Transport / Logistics / Warehousing: WIN A CANON ELPH CONTEST: Social Media Event, Marketed on the Website. Ads represent regular 'fresh' content and invite visitors to the company's various Social Media entities, in this case, Facebook.