When PRETTY PICTURES AREN’T ENOUGH (and they seldom are), capture your audience with the perfect headline and copy.  Simplified– CREATIVE SALES RHETORIC generally includes a hook, the offer, why the offer is irresistible, and a call to action.  It’s nothing, if not simple.  Don’t overwork it.  The most effective scripts rely on timing and a natural rhythm.  For the purpose of eMarketing, consider your audience as desperately lacking time and infinitely starved for something impressive.
So, IMPRESS them.


It’s crystal to me
that it wasn’t always that way.
In my previous life
we remained oblivious to one another.

Birthdays held no special meaning, and although there were the occasional brushes– No Time to get across town, No Time to study for a test, No Time to grow out a bad haircut –TIME was never more than a bumbling adversary.

Today, TIME is no longer the bumbling adversary. It sits across from me and holds up sticky notes, reminding me of client requests, parental responsibilities, one-of-a-kind specials at the mall, accounting deadlines, and household chores. It asks me, “What’s for dinner?” It reminds me that I’m eating alone. It questions my ability to juggle birthday parties, backyard barbecues, and dance lessons. It holds up a mirror and confronts me with greying strands of hair and other irrefutable signs of aging. It doesn’t reminisce about laugh lines or acknowledge the beads of sweat during a workout.

TIME sits across the desk from me and, with a smirk, offers me tiny windows to find something lost. (Article for Online Dating)

NEARLY EXTINCT: Newspaper Comic Strip Concept


is set in the remote mid-western town of Nearly Extinct, an enclave, rising up like a mini phoenix from the ashes of an abandoned nuclear testing site. The only remaining inhabitants of this barren wasteland, are four very-mutated lab monkeys, who attempt to mimic a modern society, to which they have had no real exposure. Even without first hand experience, the foursome successfully interpret genuine North American values and become anti-social, self-serving, opportunists, as they interact in a parody of real life situations. Emotions flare when these apish residents attempt to exploit the town’s only tree, debate the health issues surrounding a single hydro pole, run a school system to educate a ventriloquist’s dummy, and operate a casino without money. Although Nearly Extinct is poised on the slippery slope of obsolescence, like a rec-room packed with seventies computer equipment, it explodes with new life when Elvis, a ‘King of Rock & Roll’ look-a-like, coasts into town. Elvis represents a lucrative resource to the town’s economy and culture, so the inhabitants waste little time in staking a claim, ignorant to the possibility that their new saviour may prove obsolete himself.

1/4 Page Print Advertisement Design

DK (Dorling Kindersley), Publisher: Parenting Magazine Ad.  Text Illustrates the Peace of Mind offered by this Conception & Pregnancy Title.

“Don’t hate me

because my home

is Beautiful”

side one: The Opening Heading is an essential part of The Hook.

“Let the architecture hold the place up.

Let your decor proclaim –

I Live Here”

side two: The Bold Statement, a second Hook.