In the decade leading up to the acquisition of Chapters by its rival Indigo in 2001, I transitioned from my role as one of Chapters Art Directors to being the sole Freelance Design Service for all four of its retail entities. Working with Chapters Creative Director, the responsibilities of PhantomMacs were both corporate and retail.

Advertising and point of sale material played a strong role in defining the Distinct Branding of national book chains: Chapters, Coles, The Book Company (upscale bookstore chain) and Active Minds (educational children’s chain) plus Toronto’s World’s Biggest Bookstore.

Post 2001, I have assisted international companies: LG Electronics and Dorling Kindersley Inc (DK); National Retail Chains; and Canadian Businesses vying for increased market share in Distribution, Entertainment, Manufacturing, Retail, and Real Estate.

Today, my Freelance Services are available to clients, and agencies (with overflow work), that require professional results in a consistent and reliable manner. The time is right to customize an effective business relationship.

PhantomMacs is a Brilliantly Affordable Resource located in Mississauga, Ontario.

It’s an Open Road. We Meet Strangers & Recognize Talent as We Travel. Relationships are Created. The Good Ones Last.



Step One

Look over my Client Samples featured on the Branding, Print, Web, and Writing Pages.

The Samples are quite Diverse, so Whether Your Product is Scientifically-Proven Fishing Tackle, or Global Investment Funds, I’m Confident that I can get into the Mindset of Your Brand.

Step Two

Let’s Talk about Solving any Urgent Projects that you might have, or to get a Quotation Started. I often work with Tight Deadlines, and can Satisfy most Budgets. Initial Communication can Establish a Mutually-Acceptable Rate.

Step Three

Repeat Business leads to Better Understanding and a Reassuring Work Relationship. Protocols and Procedures can be Customized, and greater Volume equates to additional Cost Savings.

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