Slide 1 _ PRINT_PROMOTIONAL PRODUCT: BIG FOOT DOOR: Product Specifications Card; 8.5 x 11, Single-Sided. Special Event and Showroom Display Material. Slide 2 _ PRINT_PROMO: LG ELECTRONICS: Retail Point of Sale Information Cards Slide 3 _ PRINT_PROMO: LG ELECTRONICS Point of Sale Tri-Fold: Multi-Media Refrigerator. Bright-white cover stock. UV coated. Slide 4_PRINT_PROMO: Event Placemat: 541 EATERY & EXCHANGE. Gala Fundraising Dinner for Hamilton's Community-Minded Restaurant. (buttons represent money donations, and can be used by the less-fortunate towards a meal or beverage). Standard Restaurant Paper Placemat; uncoated. Slide 5 _ PRINT_PROMOTIONAL PRODUCT: PARTY•SCIENCE: Entertainment Event: Wild Wedding!; Poster on Card Stock, Single-Sided. Venue and Promoter joint event. Slide 6 _ PRINT_PROMOTIONAL PRODUCT: DK (Dorling Kindersley) Publisher: Eyewitness Travel Books, Contest; Poster on Coroplast, Single-Sided. Promotion at retail level. Slide 7 _ PRINT_PROMOTIONAL PRODUCT: ALPHA BOOKS and ROUGH GUIDES Publishers: Self-Help and Travel Book promotions. (left) Catalogue Intro Pages for Alpha Books: Idiot's Guides. (right) 8.5x11 Sell Sheet for Rough Guides Travel Titles.